How Celebrities Use PR Firms To Manage Their Reputation

Let’s face it, just about everyone has at one point or another fantasized about becoming a celebrity. Because of the money and fame surrounding, “celebritydom.”

Just like the word, “celebritydom,” becoming a celebrity comes with some hard and fast truths about securing, managing and protecting a reputation. And no, “celebritydom,” isn’t an official word. It’s one of those terms thrown out one day by a random reporter; in reference to a media piece about Martha Stewart. It now refers to everything related to the world of celebrities.

Speaking of Martha Stewart, this leads us to a brilliant segue about how celebrities must hire PR firms to manage their reputations. Martha Stewart has one brilliant PR staff because she went to prison and became “federal prisoner number, 55170-054.” However, she emerged with her reputation intact. How might you wonder? A brilliant PR, marketing and reputation management team. That’s what it means to hire a good PR firm or firm offering quality online reputation management services.

Not every case of celebrity mistakes winds up on a positive note. It’s how much effort the PR firm puts into making the mistake go away and if not “go away,” turning it into something positive.

Reputation management is really a natural spin-off for celebrities. Bad things happen, that’s really real. But, when you’re a celebrity, a bad thing could be a one-time mistake that leads to no career and no income. So, to prevent that from becoming a reality, celebrities hire PR firms to protect, manage or rebuild their reputation.

The trick is to get the focus off of the bad thing and put the spotlight on several good things. In our post-Google society, this means to get the “bad” thing from appearing high in the search results. You want the bad thing to appear as low in searches, as possible. This isn’t always an easy thing for a PR firm to come up with, and they’ll end up doing some clever tap dancing, called, “spinning.”

While we won’t go into any great details about what spinning is or isn’t. We will say that sometimes, it means that you have to do whatever it takes to put something positive in the news.

Reputation management is a must for celebrities because the media and the public are how they make their money. A good reputation and positive items on online, can result in a long career and even as they age; they can look forward to royalty checks for the rest of their lives. A bad reputation and the celebrity can look forward to touring on the “has-been” circuits at fairs, conventions and trade shows.

When it comes to celebrities, PR firms are used to handling their reputation management problems. The services required just depends on the extent of the damage. PR firms don’t just come to the rescue of celebrities in trouble.

They can also hide embarrassing things that could potentially hurt the celebrity’s ability to earn a living. Like for instance, odd skeletons rattling around in a some forgotten closet. In some cases, reputation management means preventing the press and general public from finding out about past indiscretions. These past indiscretions could include any criminal or civil matters, such as jail time, paternity lawsuits or other related matters, that could damage their reputation, either online or in-person.